Behind Zombie Lines on Android and IOS (Unlimited Money)

Apocalypse all the same happened, the military scientists found a way of global destruction of mankind, but it exceeded all their expectations. Now the world is in chaos, almost the entire population of the Earth has turned into a terrible monster, which everyone calls a zombie. You are lucky, you have not yet contracted, but now you need to get to the safe zone, which you learned from other survivors. Get there will not be easy, but our Behind Zombie Lines hack will help you.

Entire cities were afflicted with new diseases, people became walking dead, who only want to live with living flesh. These monsters wander around everywhere, but at any cost you need to get to the shelter. Run with all your strength, shoot at the dead, escape from the big stat, avoid obstacles and keep them close. They, though dead, but very strong, any blow of them can be the last for you.

Fortunately, you have loyal friends. What kind? Your weapon, it’s the only thing that can help you on the way to your goal. The game Behind Zombie Lines boasts a large arsenal of weapons, which can be updated, that is, pump its characteristics. There are pistols and machine guns of different types, open new weapons and keep on going. All you need to do here is run, the more you can advance, the better.

This game is also characterized by good graphics, such graphics can boast not so many mobile games. The realistic effects are simply surprising, and simple control allows you to get even more fun with the gameplay. If you are interested in games in which you need to think more, then download the multiplayer strategy Dragon Legends, you should like it, follow the link and you will understand why.

This is an unusual and very exciting shooter, he managed to attract a lot of players who were satisfied with the gameplay, and you will not be disappointed either. And now I will tell you how to open all the possibilities of this game. After all, you want to do this? Then download the Behind Zombie Lines mod, or use the cheats. What will they give? No matter what type of hacking you choose, each of them will give you a lot of game currency, and also will open and pump all the weapons.

Cheats for Behind Zombie Lines on Android & iOS:

  • code for money – 2CN7H44A1 – use this code to get a lot of game currency (credits);
  • code for weapons – 701VX1X6S – this code will open and pump all the weapons that are available in this game.

Start your deadly race right now, try your reaction, learn how to make quick decisions and then you will be able to reach the goal. We wish you good luck.

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