Blastlands on Android. Free Cheats for Coins and more

A new kind of multiplayer battles on your mobile device, this is what this game offers. In this article, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about this game, and also give Blastlands hack on the money that will help you reach a new level of the game.

In this game you are waiting for different types of technology, unique weapons and technology, but the most important thing is that you do not need to get hung up on one thing, you can move in all directions simultaneously. Take part in battles, win, earn coins and discover new technologies.

Each class has revenge levels of development, the higher the level, the stronger the technique. Battles can only be inflated against real players, and real people are not bots, their actions can not be foreseen, so the battles in Blastlands will be very interesting.

Of course, the Internet connection should be good, but the game is well optimized, so it’s loaded very well. The graphics are bright, but the controls are comfortable, so these game aspects should not disappoint you. Tired of monotonous multiplayer games? Then download this game, or install Death Invasion: Survival and try to get out of the city in which it is full of zombies.

In the game there is only one game resource for which all purchases are made, these are coins. For coins, you can open a new technique and not only, so many players are very keen to get this resource. To get a lot of coins for free, you just need to enter the bonus code, which you see below, or you can download and install the Blastlands mod. In addition to coins, we will also give you a code that allows you to disable advertising, which is quite annoying, and also takes a lot of time.

Cheats for Blastlands on all mobile devices:

  1. code for coins – 7U124G7BI – enter the code and get a lot of money absolutely for free;
  2. code for advertising – F54099HHJ – will disable advertising.

Download the game right now and take part in multiplayer battles of a new type. Fight, win, develop and become stronger.

Features of the game Blastlands:

  • different classes of technology, which are absolutely different from each other;
  • different types of missiles and other weapons;
  • several game modes;
  • Destroy opponents to become better;
  • collect money and discover new technologies;
  • nice bonuses coming down from heaven;
  • 6 stages of development.

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