Bloons Adventure Time TD on Android & IOS (Coins & Gems)

Balls invaded Earth and want to capture our world, and only you can stop them. Use heroes from cartoons to stop the invasion and destroy all enemies, and we will help you to do this. Today you will get Bloons Adventure Time TD hack, which will give you a lot of game resources and help you pass all levels.

You must create a defense, which will be able not only to withstand the pressure of the enemy, but also to defeat him. You are waiting for exciting adventures on more than 50 different maps. All famous characters from popular cartoons, which are voiced by real actors. Pass levels, earn game resources, pump your characters, and also open new ones.

In this game each hero lends itself to modernization, you can improve their weapons, appearance and not only. This game offers quite a lot of options and options for action during the game. Your task in the game Bloons Adventure Time TD does not allow to reach the endpoint of any ball, it will not be easy, because there are a lot of balls.

Balls differ in colors and strength, one can be destroyed with one attack, and others will have to strike several times. For each destroyed ball, you will receive money that can be spent on improving the defense, that is, to discover new characters, and also to improve them.

If you do not play it, but just look at the screenshots, it may seem that the game is quite simple and even boring, but it’s not. Although the game does not stand out with some incredible graphics or anything else, the gameplay itself is very interesting, it will be difficult for you to tear yourself away from it. Download it right now and you definitely will not regret it.

Let’s make it easier for you to complete each task. How? It’s very simple, now you get a lot of coins and crystals, as well as a game currency for each job. To get what every player wants, you do not even need to download Bloons Adventure Time TD mod. All you need to do is enter a few bonus codes, which we bought from the developer. To find out where to enter the codes, read the instruction.

Free Bloons Adventure Time TD cheats on game resources:

  • code for coins – 3437KG1TD – this code will give a lot of coins;
  • code for crystals – 27Y386JDL – enter it and get free coins;
  • code for money – O241NL14H – will give a lot of money (you need to enter for each level).

Download the game and play along with your favorite characters from cartoons.

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