Clash for Speed on Android and IOS, add Coins and Cups

Cruel races without rules on different planets of an alien galaxy. Are you ready to die on the track? If not, do not even download this game, because here you need to be ready for anything. In this article we will review the game, as well as reveal some secrets, more precisely we will give Clash for Speed ​​hack into coins and cups that will help create a good car, and also open all the planets. Let’s get going.

This is really a unique game in which, at the moment, there are simply no analogues. Intergalactic racing is distinguished by its cruelty, here rivals can destroy each other, and on the routes there will be various obstacles that can also prevent you from reaching the finish line. The game consists of many levels that occur on five different planets. Open all five planets and become the best racer of the universe.

A feature of the game Clash for Speed ​​is the ability to create your own track. Each player can use the designer and create his own unique route with various obstacles. Win in races, earn money, open new cars and upgrade them. There are 15 cars that can be equipped with various weapons, wheels, protective objects and many others. Create the most powerful car that will terrify your opponents before the race begins.

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In addition, each weapon and vehicle part has several update levels. Do not need to save on the car, as much depends on it, as well as on your driving skills. I would also like to advise Clumsy Climber, it’s a fun arcade from a popular developer who will not let you get bored.

Now I’ll tell you how it is possible to open all the planets easily and absolutely free of charge, and also get a lot of money. I’m sure that you do not have enough coins, as for other players, so we wrote this article, which will be attached to the Clash for Speed ​​mod. But apart from it you will also get game codes that will give you all the same thing as mod. Use the method that best suits you. Enter the codes or download the mod, open all the possibilities of this game.

Cheats for Clash for Speed ​​on game resources:

  1. code for coins – 26F0DPK60 – enter this code and get a lot of money to buy cars, weapons and other useful things;
  2. code for goblets – K9V2F50X7 – this code will give a lot of cups, which is enough for the discovery of absolutely all the planets.

Do not limit yourself, buy everything you need, create a dream car that can withstand the attacks of rivals and destroy them, if necessary. Unlock all the planets, become the best racer in the galaxy, and also try yourself as an engineer, create your own route, which only the best of the best will be able to pass. Download the game right now and take part in the race for survival.

Features of the game Clash for Speed:

  • 5 unique planets with a unique environment;
  • 8 combat vehicles that are ready for the most different outcome of the race;
  • 10 types of weapons, each of which has different levels;
  • 5 different obstacles and 8 traps that can be upgraded;
  • stickers, tires and other accessories on your car;
  • various routes and levels;
  • excellent management allowing you to easily perform all the action;
  • good graphics and sound, which have a positive effect on the gameplay.

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