Dead Battle: Zombie Warfare on Android & IOS, add Gold, Cash and Energy

Do you like this shooter, but do not like the limitations of energy? Do you also lack money and gold to open good weapons and new characters? Then you need Dead Battle: Zombie Warfare hack. What is it and how does it work? You will learn about this and many other things from this article. After reading it to the end you will never have any problems with energy, as well as game resources.

Before disclosing the secrets, we’ll talk a little about the game, since this shooter deserved a few words about himself. So, what can he boast of? Why is it worth it to download? And is it worth it to download at all?

Games in a similar genre where you need to destroy crowds of zombies is pretty much. But the game developer approached the task creatively and added many new elements that other similar games can not boast of. Its first feature is a large number of tasks and a variety of locations, all missions are different and you will not get bored of them.

Here, as in other games, there are quite a few weapons that you can buy for money earned on assignments. But Dead Battle: Zombie Warfare also allows you to change characters. Yes, you can change and pump the character, but that’s not all, the game allows you to create a whole team, give each player their weapons and lead a group battle.

I will not tell you what kind of weapons there are and what the characters look like, you’ll see all this in the game itself. One has only to say that the control is very convenient, it allows you to quickly and accurately aim, you will not have any problems with it. Graphics also deserve laudatory words, since it is really good, although it is also not ideal. If you like to shoot, then you should download this game, you definitely will not regret it.

As for energy, money and gold, which is constantly lacking, this problem is easily solved. And for its solution, you do not even need to download Dead Battle: Zombie Warfare mod, as there are special cheats. Just enter a few codes that you find below, and forget about resource problems, buy powerful weapons, new characters, grenades and much more. The game should be fun, not annoying with restrictions, we do everything so that you do not get frustrated.

Cheats for Dead Battle: Zombie Warfare on game resources:

  • code for money – M778EM5O0 – this code will give a lot of money, and to be precise, it’s 1,500,000;
  • code for gold – 8612BX9SX – enter it and get 1 350 gold bars;
  • the code for energy – 7A5VC638M – infinite energy.

Destroy all walking dead, create a fearless team, which will be able to cope even with the most violent crowd of zombies, free your city. Everyone is waiting for you to clear the world of monsters, download the game right now.

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