Dragon Legends on Android. Free Resources, Gems and Energy

Multiplayer strategy with a large number of diverse characters, weapons, and most importantly, with dragons. A game that will take you to a world full of enemies and opportunities, beautiful landscapes, lands rich in resources and many others. If you want to win this game, you need to create a powerful army, and to create it you will need Dragon Legends hack, a free tool that will help to succeed in this game.

Here you will pass interesting tasks that the developers of this game have prepared for you, but the most exciting is the battles with other players. You will have your own territory, which you will develop, build buildings, extract resources, renovate buildings and much more. Train the characters, develop them, discover new skills and increase their capabilities. If you want to win, you will have to develop and strive for more.

The game can boast of a large number of various characters, as well as dragons, technology, weapons and many others. All that you have, you can do even better, but for this you have to spend game resources. Most of the game resources in the game Dragon Legends you will be getting yourself, but the most valuable of them can be obtained only in battles. Call on the battle of other players, win and take their resources.

I’m sure you’ve seen a lot of similar multiplayer games, but the developers of this game have made it better than others. How? In it you will find many new chips that other games do not have. But I will not disclose them, let them be a pleasant surprise for you. Now I will disclose some secrets to you, but before that I want to advise you on the game Stunt Master 2018. If you like to overcome obstacles, then you will like it.

The game has one very valuable resource, these are crystals, you can buy almost everything for them, and every player wants to get them. Still all players want to have a lot of energy to play as much as they like, but only some know how to get diamonds and energy for absolutely free. And they can be obtained without even downloading Dragon Legends mod.

How can I get resources without downloading extraneous files? It’s very simple, all you need to do is use game codes from the developer, which we bought for visitors to our site. All free codes are below.

Cheats for Dragon Legends on game resources:

  • code for precious stones – 26UGA6T46 – enter this code and get 50 000 free crystals;
  • code for energy – CB805LE19 – introduce it and you will never run out of energy;
  • code for resources – 84ZA7DC07 – with this code you can get a huge amount of resources.

Download the game, create an army with dragons, fight with friends and other players, become the strongest in this world. With these codes, you can easily succeed.

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