Flight Simulator 2018 on Android. Unlimited Fuel and more

The developer of this simulator created a real masterpiece, which conquered players from all over the world, but he has several shortcomings. Fortunately, these flaws are perfectly resolved by Flight Simulator 2018 hack, which we will provide to you. We will tell you about the shortcomings of the game and their elimination a little later, and now we will talk about its advantages and gameplay.

This is one of the most realistic simulators for today. What can he boast of? Yes, many, and now I will try to list all the features of the game.

Features of Flight Simulator 2018:

  • the ability to choose aircraft: Boeing, helicopters, fighters and many others;
  • free missions and the whole gameplay in general, pass assignments and open new planes;
  • amazing graphics, the quality of which is noticeable in absolutely everything, in landscapes, cities and planes;
  • airports around the world, some very dangerous and loaded;
  • the opportunity to see your best moments with the help of a new game instrument;
  • multi-player mode, play along with other players;
  • setting up weather conditions, independently choose when and in what weather you want to fly;
  • real audio will accompany you the whole game.

This is only a small part of what this game offers, downloading it, you will see how it is progressive. If you are interested in airplanes and flights, then you simply have to download it. It is absolutely free, and there’s no need to download the Flight Simulator 2018 mod for money. Yes, it has other drawbacks, but we will show you how to eliminate them easily and quickly.

The developer of this game has already created several similar simulators, which also received success in the game public, but this simulator is better than all of them. If you are not interested in simulators, you want more blood, then download Last One Standing and fight for your life with other players, or walking dead. Let’s go back to our simulator.

Disadvantages of the game? The main drawback of the game for which almost all players complain, is fuel, it is sorely lacking to enjoy the game. But I have good news, this problem is easily solved, and for its solution you do not even need to download anything, since we have a special Flight Simulator 2018 cheats. With their help, you eliminate the problem with fuel, and will also open all the aircraft. All the existing codes for this game are below, when new, you will also find them in this list.

Flight Simulator 2018 hack to mobile devices:

  1. V568Z1LJ2 – using this code you will always be full of fuel, it just will not end;
  2. 6DF5X060N – enter this code if you want to open absolutely all the planes;
  3. E1154MGL1 – the same code will open all the missions.

At the moment, there are work on the code, which will eliminate all advertising, because it is also quite annoying. Now go play and get positive emotions.

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