Free Clan Race Hack for Coins and more for Android & IOS

Managing two wheeled vehicles is not so simple, and on a complex route even more so. On our site go to the players that they want to get an advantage over their rivals, in this you will help Clan Race hack, which will allow you to purchase the best motorcycle and not only.

Racing on motorcycles is one of the most dangerous types of racing, which constantly keeps in suspense, both the racers themselves and the fans. This game will give you the opportunity to become a world-class racer and compete for the World Cup. In addition, you can create a clan with your friends and take part in team competitions.

The game is made in a fairly common style, but it offers many more options. In Clan Race, you compete only with real players in real time. Here you will find a large number of tournaments and routes of varying complexity. Winning you will receive a worthy reward, which will help to advance on the career ladder of the rider.

You need to constantly improve, and this applies not only to your driving qualities, but also to equipment and equipment. Using Clan Race cheats, which you get on our site, you can buy the best motorcycles, carry out their modernization, and buy decent equipment.

The game process is very interesting, and even more interesting is its high-quality graphics and management, which even a five-year-old child can easily understand. During the race, you can also share emotions with other players, just like they are with you. It’s also worth adding that the game is new and the developers continue to work on it, that is, with each update there are new interesting things and opportunities.

And now it’s time to tell you how to get a lot of coins, as well as gears. The main game resources can be earned in the game, but if you want more rapid development, then you will need bonus codes. Yes, we suggest using codes, not Clan Race mod, as they do not need to be downloaded. The input procedure is also described in the instructions, this if you do not know how to use them. Everything is standard here, so most players know what and how to do.

Clan Race hack on game resources:

  • code for coins – 60R5N25ND – if you need a lot of coins, just enter or copy and paste this code;
  • code for gears – I68DZE066 – this code will give free gears;
  • code for advertising – 6489ZOZU1 – will remove all advertising.

Now you can become a good racer, which will become an indispensable part of the team. Take part in tournaments and various races, gain experience, increase your level and open up new opportunities. Download the game right now, invite your friends and create one of the strongest clans with them.

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