Metal Madness on Android and IOS, add Coins and Gems

Do you want to be the best in survival races? Then you need a good car, armor and weapons. How to get them? They can be purchased, and our Metal Madness hack will help you, which will give you a lot of game currency, as well as precious stones. We will help you become better, and you, in your turn, should make yourself better, that is, become an excellent driver who will not be equal on the track.

This is a multiplayer game in the style of Mad Max, where you must not just drive, but also destroy the enemy. After the apocalypse, much has changed, and now people are entertained by participating in insane survival races, and you have the opportunity to participate in them. All you need to do is burn rubber and burn your rivals. Go into the garage, prepare your car for the race and forward.

What is special about this game? I do not even know where to start, because it’s really cool. The first thing you notice when you start the game Metal Madness, this is a very high-quality graphics with a high level of detail. The game is realistic, and not only because of graphics, real models of cars are also used here, but they are slightly upgraded to the genre of the game, that is equipped with weapons and other interesting chips.

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In this game you are waiting for a large number of cars that you can change. Buy and equip your car with a powerful weapon, arm it to be more resistant to the shells of the enemy, repaint it and make it unique, not like everyone else. This is the best game in its genre, you can even not hesitate, download it safely and join the millions of other players. If you do not like racing, then download Pixel Combat: World of Guns and try to fight a zombie.

In addition to a wide variety of cars, there is also a large arsenal of weapons, rockets, machine guns, lasers, guns and much more. But in this game nothing is given for free, so we wrote this article to help players get what they want. To do this, you need to download the Metal Madness mod, or enter the codes that you see below. What will they give you? A lot of money, that is, coins, as well as crystals. In addition, we also give you a code that will give you a premium account for free.

Cheats for Metal Madness on resources and premium account:

  1. code for coins – 29GET57T2 – enter this code and get a lot of money to buy cars, weapons and everything else;
  2. code for crystals – JR7554UJ2 – this code will give a lot of precious stones;
  3. code for premium account – YM1821F9O – after its input you will have a premium account and for each battle you will receive even more reward.

Metal Madness mod

Become a hero of the arenas, create a monster on wheels that will help you become the best destroyer of enemies, win and become the leader of the world list of players. Do daily tasks and play as much as you like, because in this game there is no energy, and therefore, no restrictions. Improve your driving skills, be quick and cunning, because there are no standard tracks here, and the fastest player does not always win. Download the game, invite your friends and play together.

This is what Metal Madness can boast:

  • graphics of the highest quality with a high level of detail;
  • a lot of real cars designed for crazy races;
  • the most diverse types of weapons, equip them with your car;
  • unique locations, tracks specially made for insane races;
  • simple and very convenient control;
  • only real players.

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