PLANK Hack on Android. Unlock all Characters and Remove ADS

This is an arcade that you can play forever, and today we will tell you how to open all the characters using PLANK hack. What we give you is absolutely free tool. In addition, it is not necessary to download PLANK mod. Why? This and much more you will learn from this article.

The arcade that conquered millions of players around the world. What exactly? Its simplicity and at the same time tense, because this game requires you to have certain skills. Which ones? For example, a sense of proportion.

What do you need to do here? You need to translate your character on a dangerous path that goes along different heights. All that is required of you is to build the bars of the required length, so you can move to the next top. Build bars and move to your goal.

Too simple and not interesting? Before you say this, download the game and play a few times, and you’ll see that it’s not just and very interesting. Can you build the bar of the required length? This you neither know until you download the game PLANK.

Play, beat your records and records of other players, collect gifts and discover new characters. If we are talking about characters, it’s worth to say that here you are waiting for very eccentric and funny characters, thanks to which it becomes even more interesting to play. The game is simple in all senses and does not take up much space on the mobile device. No matter how old you are, this game will surely please you.

Well, now it’s time to reveal secrets, although they are not, because everything is very simple. Everyone who played this game, would like to open all the characters, but few people manage to do it. You will definitely succeed, since we will give you PLANK cheats that will not only open the characters, but also make the gameplay even more enjoyable. How? We will give the code that will remove all advertising from the game. Do you want this? Then enter them.

Free PLANK hack to mobile devices:

  • character code – E76DT662Z – this code will open absolutely all characters, even paid ones;
  • code for advertising – F65TZ69G4 – if you are bored with advertising, then just enter this code.

Download the game and check your sense of proportion. He is not? Then play and train it, you will succeed, we believe in you.

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