Pretzel Land on Android and IOS. Free Coins and Flowers

Did you dream of getting to Bavaria? Now you have such an opportunity, the Pretzel Land game will not only take you there, but it will also allow you to get even closer to their culture, agriculture, customs and much more. This is a game from the Bavarian developer, which gives you the opportunity to build your own Bavarian village.

Here we will tell you a lot of interesting things about this game, about what you need to do here, about the features and technical requirements, and most importantly, you will get Pretzel Land hack, which will create one of the best villages in the world. Let’s not pull the rubber and start.

To begin with, let’s talk about the features of the game. As I have already said, the Bavarians created the game about the Bavarian village, so everything will correspond to the realities as much as possible. What do you need to do here? Build and develop the village. You will start from a long time, you will build and develop your village and eventually will reach our times.

Build buildings, grow crops, brew beer, entertain the population and make your residents as happy as possible. The game constantly has something to do and where to grow, the village can be expanded, but the main thing is always to develop. Do daily tasks, earn money, upgrade your level and discover new opportunities, new buildings and other interesting things.

The game is not difficult, but many players do not like that development takes a long time, as well as a constant lack of game resources. These problems can be solved by the Pretzel Land mod, but we will give you an easier way to solve these problems, but a little later. And now let’s talk about general impressions about the game.

It boasts beautiful and bright graphics, as well as pleasant thematic music that will make you feel like a real Bavarian. Optimization is also good, and the latest version of Android is not required at all. The only drawback of the game is probably the need to constantly connect to the Internet, although I do not think that many players will be a problem.

If you want to immerse yourself in the Bavarian atmosphere and try your hand at creating something beautiful and interesting, then you must definitely download this game. We, in turn, will make you get even more positive emotions from the game process. Is this possible? Yes, because we have Pretzel Land cheats, which will give a lot of game resources and will allow to develop several times faster. All you need, codes, instructions and mod, you’ll find a little lower.

Pretzel Land hacking for money and not only:

  • code for coins – X65YDI630 – this code will give a lot of money, and they will give new opportunities;
  • code for flowers – 42P0Y3MG6 – enter and get another important resource of this game, free flowers;
  • code for advertising – 929BC42XG – will disable advertising.

Start building your Bavarian village right now, nothing prevents you from doing it. You can download the game absolutely free on Google Play.

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