Super Starfish on Android & IOS, add Shells and Moonstones

Do you want to create the brightest, beautiful and rich aquarium? Then you will need Super Starfish hack, which will give you many shells and moonstones. I think you already know why they are needed, because you went to our site for a reason. Well, let’s talk a little about the game, and then about the hacking that everyone so much wants to get.

In this game, you’ll swim in the endless expanse of space and walk away from various obstacles, such as meteorites, black holes, space monsters and many others. The game will bring you much pleasure. Right? More precisely, there is nowhere, already tens of thousands of people play it daily and can not tear themselves away. What is the reason for this? That is absolutely everything, the game is good in everything from graphics to management.

Super Starfish boasts stunning visual effects, your journey through space will be very beautiful, but very dynamic and dangerous, since you are not the only inhabitant of it. Swimming in space and avoiding obstacles, you will also collect stars that will bring points, and glasses, in turn, game currency, that is, shells. Why do we need shells?

With the help of shells you can open new galaxies, new fish, play the lottery, and of course create an aquarium. Creating an aquarium is a very exciting thing that requires a lot of money. In order to earn money and create a comfortable aquarium for your fish, you must explore the space, discover new zones, gain points and receive various prizes.

It’s not difficult to play, because the control is very simple, but the obstacles can be very large and maneuverable, so you need to always be focused on the game. And to create a good aquarium you will help Super Starfish mod. But apart from this tool you will also get game codes that give the same. What exactly? Shells and moonstone, which is the most valuable game resource.

Free Super Starfish hack for game resources:

  • code for shells – ZV2261C0I – enter this code and get a lot of seashells;
  • code for moonstone – 2A4GL3Z69 – this code will give 1500 lunar stones;
  • code for fish – C7C2404RG – will open absolutely all fish.

Do not limit yourself, open up new fish, build an aquarium and share your achievements with your friends. Gather an exotic flora that no one in the world has. Are you ready to conquer outer space? Create your own little world in this endless space? Yes? Then download the game right now, and Super Starfish cheats will help create what you want. Good luck.

By the way, if you are interested in other games, I would also like to advise Light Chaser, this is the best role-playing game of 2018, which took first place at many exhibitions and developer competitions. Download, you will not regret.

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20 thoughts on “Super Starfish on Android & IOS, add Shells and Moonstones

  1. I really love the game but like most players I really want the chance to try out some cheats or something that can make my gaming experience more fun

  2. It’s a great game the problem are seashells and moon stones because it’s hard to get a big cuantity of them, I would like to have more of the resources thank you

  3. The game is great but I’d really like more moonstones and seashells I also have like no fish so that would be nice to

  4. This is really one of the best games out there! I’m so glad someone did post this one. It will indeed be a great help to those addicted to the game.

  5. I’m absolutely addicted to this game. All the little collectable sea creatures are seriously super cute and the animations and art style is ridiculously pretty!

  6. I love the game but I ‘d really like more moonstones and shells to fully enjoy the game

  7. Quite a cute game ,wish the game prizes could reload faster ,but further more love it

  8. The dynamics and colors are impressive. Sometimes the effects are just overwhelming.

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