Survival Heroes on Android & IOS. Free Cheats for game Resources

Do you want to pump your character, but you do not have enough game resources? Now this is not a problem, because now you will get Survival Heroes hack, which will give everything necessary for rapid development. But before we give this tool, we’ll talk a little about the game itself, its features, as well as why it’s worth downloading.

This is a multiplayer game in the genre of the Royal Battle, but it is very different from other games of this genre. What exactly? We will now talk about this.

This game also got the best from role-playing games, here you will also have one character, which you will develop. You will have to fight not only with other players, but with different monsters that live in this game. The game goes to the finish, and it comes only when only one player remains alive.

Survival Heroes is a survival game in which you need to survive at all costs. A hundred players take part in the battle, and only one can win. Listen to your survival instincts, if you feel that you can defeat the enemy, then enter the battle, if not, then it’s better to run away and overcome it with a cunning plan.

Use the terrain, hide, set traps and attack at the most opportune moment. Also learn to use all the possibilities of your character. The game has many heroes, and each of them has its own special skills, as well as weapons. All you need for the battle you can get during the game, as on the battlefield all players are equal, with the same opportunities and chances to win.

Kill other players, as well as various monsters, raise your level and increase your chances of survival. The possibilities of your character will help improve our Survival Heroes cheats, but do not rely only on them. Become the king of this fantastic valley, play with your friends in one team and defeat stronger opponents.

A fantastic game that will not leave any player indifferent. What she offers can not be offered by any other free game. A unique gameplay, beautiful and bright graphics, good optimization, a large number of different items, weapons and equipment for each character. Interesting locations with their secrets and secrets. If you like role-playing games, and also games for survival, then download it right now.

Do you want to pump your character, but you do not have enough money and other game resources? Do not you want to download and install Survival Heroes mod? Then you have come where you need, since we have codes from the developer who will give everything that every player wishes to receive, and most importantly, absolutely free of charge. What do we have to do? That is practically nothing, that is nothing is difficult, just copy or prescribe the codes that you see below.

Free Survival Heroes hack for all mobile devices:

  • code for gold – T4I38SB93 – if you need gold, then simply enter this code;
  • code for diamonds – 064UF2HK9 – this code will give a lot of diamonds.

This is for the time being all the codes that are available for this game, if there are new ones, then you will definitely see them on this page. Start the battle right now, download the game, use the codes and defeat the rivals from around the world. We wish you good luck and more victories.

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  1. Hey it was a great game! But still other player seems to be got a skin and unclock all weapon. I need some gold and diamond at least..

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