Thunderdogs on Android and IOS, add Coins and Gems

Shoot down the enemies, collect the bones and become stronger. Multiplayer aerial combat, which will not leave indifferent any player. This game will allow you to understand how good you are, whether you are able to fight. Now we will make a short review of the game, and at the end of the article you will get Thunderdogs hack, which will increase your chances of winning. How? Read on and you will know everything.

Funny dogs are the main characters of this game, behind each of which a real player hides. The main goal of this game is survival, you must last as long as possible, and also try to become the leader of the list of players, and for this you need to shoot down as many enemies as possible. Maneuver, shoot down other airplanes, get out from under fire, collect bones and become bigger and stronger.

Yes, the more you rip off the rivals and gather the bones, the more you will stand, and it will be even harder to survive. Create your own tactics that will help you play better than others. Thunderdogs – a game in which you need not only to act, but also to think. You need to know when to run, and when to attack, than a clever player, the easier it is to succeed.

For each game you will receive coins, their number depends on how many rivals you shot down and how far could advance. The game has two main game resources, these are coins and precious stones, you can buy a new airship for them, that is, aircraft, weapons and not only. Start your air adventures right now. Download the game for free on Google Play.

Do you want to become stronger? Do you want a new plane, but you do not have money? Do not worry, it’s a problem that can be solved very easily. How can it be solved? With free tools such as Thunderdogs mod or game codes. At us you will receive that and another. If it’s more convenient for you to use a mod, then flip it below, download and enjoy the game. Do you want to use the codes? So use, you will find them below.

Free Thunderdogs cheats on mobile devices:

  • code for coins – S9VZX5608 – enter and get a lot of money, that is, gold coins;
  • code for precious stones – 9GH48J9Y9 – this code will give a lot of diamonds.

Yes, just two codes, but there’s no need for them, because with their help you can open all the possibilities of this game. Buy airplanes, improve your playing skills and you will not have competitors, everyone can become the best, only if he wants it.

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