WARPATH on Android and IOS, add Resources

Do you want to take part in the Second World War? The game WARPATH allows you to return to those times and take part in the legendary battles led by all known generals. This is a classic strategy with no classic gameplay. You will create an army, build a base, organize its defense, plan attacks, build allies and take part in a global war between all players. Are you ready for new adventures that took place in real life? Then go ahead.

The developers have tried to make everything as realistic as possible, only weapons and equipment of those times are used here, there is no room for fantastic opportunities. Much of this game also depends on the generals who are in charge of your army, here you are waited for by all the famous historical characters, each of them has its own level, capabilities and skills. But the main leader is you, it is you who must plan all your actions, create tactics, think through defense and not only. Everything that awaits you in this game you will see below.

Features of the game WARPATH:

  • A massive game map with a center in Europe, hundreds of cities and thousands of bases around the world;
  • make your enemy flee, fly to cities and enemy fortifications, enlist the support of the Allies;
  • a whole story on your mobile device, real heroes, different types of troops, a technique of that time;
  • without planning anywhere, use the terrain, build the base in the right place, explore the map, develop technology, improve weapons, create a strategy that will lead to victory;
  • global wars with players from all over the world, make new friends, create reliable alliances and act together.


This game will appeal to all who love strategy, who likes to think with their own head. Without a well thought out plan, you can not win here, every action you need must be considered. When building a base, you should not just thinklessly put buildings, you need to think about the organization of future protection. Do not worry, even if at first you do not succeed, then in time you will learn, people tend to learn from their own mistakes. But I’m sure that you will not have too many of them. Why? After all, you came to our site, which means you want to get WARPATH hack, and it’s very difficult to lose with it.

Before going to the main topic of the article, I want to advise you one more strategy – Dune Wars. This is a very cool strategy, which is completely different from the above described game, I’m sure you will like it.

And so, let’s talk about how to get a lot of resources, build a strong army and defeat enemies even without allies. Is it even possible? Of course, otherwise we would not have written this article. What do we offer you? We suggest using a tool that will provide you with all the game resources, and will raise your level, and this is not a WARPATH mod. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Read the instructions for using codes if you have never used them;
  • Install a game downloaded from the Google Play store if you do not already have one;
  • enter the codes in the order in which we give them to you;
  • enjoy the game without limits.

Cheats for WARPATH on Android and IOS:

  1. code for experience – 879V0BCV8 – will increase your level and open all that is not available to you;
  2. code for resources – EAUT51843 – will give a huge amount of absolutely all resources (gold, oil and others).

These codes will open up new opportunities for you, start playing at a new level and win. We wish you good luck and more victories.

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