Where to enter codes?

Probably each of us at least once in my life used codes for some game. But most players used codes only for computer games, not mobile games. But, as you can see, codes for mobile games also exist, but not to everyone. Some codes are created by the developers themselves, in order to independently verify all the possibilities of their game, and some games have to be broken by experienced programmers.

On our site there are different codes, we take them from different sources, we check and only then we write an article. Using these codes, you can get an advantage over other players. Some codes give a lot of game resources, others open inaccessible items and other things, and some remove all the ads from the game, which is very annoying and takes our time with you. But let’s get to the point.

So where to enter the code in the game?

All games are different, and are divided into several types, and to be more precise there are ten. For each type of game, the code entry process is carried out in different ways. Just do not be scared, this process will not take you more than one minute. We have ten different instructions, but we do not post them on the pages of each game, so as not to load our site.

To get instructions for entering codes, write a comment on the game, the instruction to which you want to get (preferably your opinion about the game). But be sure to fill in the e-mail field, the instruction will be sent to your e-mail after comment moderation.

Attention: comments are checked and instructions are sent manually, so there may be some delays. Thank you for understanding.

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  1. The comment should be written to the game, the instruction to which you want to get

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